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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Can Do Things That The iPhone Can’t

Latest Updated on August 30, 2017By Brett Scott
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is considered to be the most satisfying handset so far. It meets all the requirements of today’s modern, high-powered handset, with its bright, 6.3-inch screen......
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Android 8.0 is Arriving on August, 21

Latest Updated on August 21, 2017By Ken Lamar
Google will launch the highly-anticipated ‘Android 8.0’ or ‘Android O’ in New York City today, which happens to be the total solar eclipse in the US. Besides, Google hosting live stream a......
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Does iPhone 8 Worth $1000?

Latest Updated on August 16, 2017By Brett Scott
I’m sure you’ve all heard of an abundance of rumors about iPhone 8, for example, new features, its price and so on. As a high-profile model later this year, there is no doubt......
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Launch on August 23

Latest Updated on August 9, 2017By Hasley Vert
Last week, Samsung sent official invitations to the media, confirming that it will launch its new flagship Galaxy Note 8 in New York on August 23. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the biggest......
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LG Will Launch V30 in Berlin on August 31

Latest Updated on August 2, 2017By Bruno Markvin
LG have sent out invitations to confirm that it will hold an IFA conference in Berlin, Germany, on August 31. From the official invitation pictures, the v-shaped image on the screen clea......
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Moto Z2 Play Review

Latest Updated on July 26, 2017By Katrina Moss
Motorola Moto Z2 Play smartphone was launched in June 2017. Its price in India starts from Rs. 27,590. Today, we would like to share the latest news about this machine with you. Let’s sta......
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Android O News: Name, Release Date & New Features

Latest Updated on July 19, 2017By Editor
An open version of Android 8.0 will be available, most likely in late August or early September. Only Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X or Pixel C are currently available.......
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Would OnePlus 5 Be Your Next Phone

Latest Updated on July 13, 2017By Katrina Moss
After months of rumors and spy bombing, OnePlus’s latest smartphone, the OnePlus 5, finally shows up. Sporting a dual-camera setup, top-of-the-line specs, and an all-new design, OnePlus 5......
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Could Cost You Almost $1000

Latest Updated on July 5, 2017By Manager
There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the one of the hottest smartphone of 2017. So far, we’ve seen a constant flow of leaks and rumors hit the web, with new revelations popping......
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Keeping Your Android Device Clean

Latest Updated on July 1, 2017By Manager
Android devices are a little like your home. If you don’t keep cleaning it regularly, the use of the home will start to show. You’ll start having clutter everywhere and the dirt will sta......
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