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How to Make Zoom Video/Audio Conference

Latest Updated on January 18, 2016By Manager
Zoom Cloud Meeting for Android is a cloud based service that provides flexible solutions for all your meeting needs. The good thing about Zoom is that the attendees are not required to ha......
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How to Set Up Zoom on Android

Latest Updated on January 14, 2016By Manager
Like I said before, Zoom is a much better choice for hosting a video conference especially when you’re working with remote colleagues or coordinating with clients. It’s reliable and easy ......
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Zoom:Join A Video Conference on Android Phones

Latest Updated on January 13, 2016By Manager
What service do you use for video-chatting? With chat services like Skype, Hangsout or Viber, making video chat and video call on Android becomes easy. So it’s not exaggerating to say we ......
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How to Send Location to Viber Friends

Latest Updated on December 25, 2015By Manager
Just imagine that if your Viber friend asks for your location during the conversation, wouldn’t it be nice to show every details of your location by sending him/her the location link inst......
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Send Text Messages/Voice Messages with Viber on Android

Latest Updated on December 23, 2015By Manager
Heading on to the Google Play Store and looking for an app that allows you to send text messages and make free phone calls? There will be no better choice other than Viber, which is one o......
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How to Enable a Call/Video Call with Viber

Latest Updated on December 21, 2015By Manager
A few decades ago, making video calls from a mobile phone or tablet is a futuristic feature that seemed unaffordable and unthinkable. Thankfully, with numerous apps like Viber that have b......
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How to Share Photos/Videos/Files with Viber

Latest Updated on December 18, 2015By Manager
Viber comes with the ability to let you send free text message/voice message and make call/video calls with others conveniently. We’ve already covered these basic features in the previous......
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How to Add Contacts to Viber on Android

Latest Updated on December 16, 2015By Manager
Now that you’ve downloaded and installed Viber on your Android device, you should notice that Viber will sync with your phone’s contacts list automatically which means you can get access ......
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How to Sync Viber Contacts to Android

Latest Updated on December 16, 2015By Manager
What’s Viber? For me, I would say Viber is a free calling & messaging app that might be able to kill Skype. Texting, sending stickers, sharing images & videos and making free call......
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How to Block/Unblock People on Android Viber

Latest Updated on December 14, 2015By Manager
Most of the chat apps like Whatsapp, Hangsout, Hike, etc. feature a “Block” option so as to prevent some annoying contacts or unknown numbers from sending you any messages or ......
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