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How to Set Google as Default Search Engine of Cortana

Latest Updated on April 8, 2016By Manager
Bing, which was provided by Microsoft, is set as the default search engine of Cortana. However, not everyone is used to Bing because even though Bing and Google are both welcomed search e......
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Cortana: Your Personal Assistant

Latest Updated on April 6, 2016By Manager
Cortana is a useful voice assistant for Windows 10 users in recent days. Let’s see why this virtual assistant is so welcomed and popular with the following two parts: Part 1. What ......
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The Way to Change Cortana’s Voice and Display Language in Windows 10

Latest Updated on April 4, 2016By Manager
Though many countries use English, English in different countries are a little bit different especially when read out. That’s the reason why many American users who use Windows 10 t......
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What’s New in iOS 9.3?

Latest Updated on April 1, 2016By Manager
iOS 9.3 Beta was unveiled for developers only on January 2016, but now, it’s available for all iPhone/iPad users a few days ago. Now, let’s see what’s new on iOS 9.3, th......
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How to Make Cortana Learn Your Voice Better in Windows 10

Latest Updated on March 30, 2016By Manager
Everyone has accent, it is hard for Cortana to know everything you are asking because, after all, Cortana is a virtual voice assistant rather than a real person that can understand you ac......
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Use Tabs in Word – Ease Your Work Miraculously

Latest Updated on March 28, 2016By Manager
Microsoft Word tabs are a paragraph-formatting feature used to control exactly where the text is placed. It allows you to set left, center, right, decimal or bar tab o line up columnar in......
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How to Create a Form in Word

Latest Updated on March 25, 2016By Manager
Would you like to create a form in Word that others can fill out? It could be a questionnaire, sign-up form, quiz or other type of forms. If so, here is a general instruction on how to cr......
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Everything You Should Know about 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Released on March 21st

Latest Updated on March 22, 2016By Manager
Apple is rumored to release a smaller version of iPad Pro, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro on Apple Spring Event on March 21st. Rumored Specs/Features Though it is a small size of iPad Pro which wa......
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Features & Designs on Apple’s Upcoming 4-inch iPhone SE

Latest Updated on March 21, 2016By Manager
Apple has unveiled that they will release the 4-ich iPhone sooner. But the name of it hasn’t been confirmed yet officially. Some says that it is called iPhone 6c and some says it is......
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How to Play Real Money Games on Android for Free

Latest Updated on March 17, 2016By Admin
Social casino games have grown incredibly fast in the last few years. So fast, in fact, that they have become some of the most lucrative games to date – for their developers, that i......
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