Nokia 6 Review: Nokia 6 is Coming Back

By Editor On February 7, 2017
September 3rd, 2013 should be an unforgettable date for Nokia fans. On that day, Nokia announced that they would sell their mobile manufacturing business to Microsoft, meaning that the mo......
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Plan to Buy iPhone 7 The Next Generation Can Be a Better Choice

By Editor On February 4, 2017
First of all, the next generation of iPhone is probably not called iPhone 7s but be renamed iPhone 8 Series. This is because it is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone this year, which is e......
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What’s New for iOS 11

By Editor On February 1, 2017
When will iOS 11 be released? According to the history, Apple will release the new system at the annual WWDC. Then, in September, the newest generation of iPhone – iPhone 7s/7s Plus......
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Processor Review:Snapdragon 821, Exynos 8890 and Kirin 960

By Editor On January 29, 2017
Meizu has released a dozen of flagships this year. However, none of them is competitive than PRO6 Plus. This can be due to the processor – PRO6 Plus sports Samsung Exynos 8890, of which p......
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Why Hangouts is Eliminated from Google GMS?

By Editor On January 24, 2017
In October 2016, Google sent an e-mail to Android manufacturers announcing that, Hangouts, the video chat application of Google, will no longer be installed on Google GMS package since D......
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What will Show up in the Stage of CES 2017?

By Admin On January 18, 2017
Every year, CES offers a first glimpse at technology we’ll all be buzzing about in the near future, and this year’s show — the event’s 50th anniversary exhibition — prom......
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CapCam: Enabling Rapid and Ad-Hoc Connections between Mobile Phones

By Editor On January 11, 2017
I guess that you must have bought film tickets from your Android phone and then redeemed and printed out the ticket from a machine at the cinema. To redeem a ticket, you are required to r......
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Spatial OS: Good News for VR Game Developers

By Editor On January 2, 2017
Google has cooperated with Improbable, a cooperation that specializes in virtual reality technology. They jointly push out a project to assistant game developer in creating and testing th......
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Why Android?

By Manager On December 29, 2016
As consumers, we are bombarded with advertisements and information about new and competing products. Brand A offers convenience while brand B offers efficiency. Brand A brags a stylish ap......
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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Android Lovers

By Manager On December 27, 2016
With less than a week left for Christmas, you have very less time to go through the options and choose gifts for your people. When it comes to buying gifts, the most difficult part is to ......
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