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How to Enter DFU Mode with a Broken Home Button

Latest Updated on September 23, 2013By Admin
Do you have trouble entering DFU mode with your iOS device due to the failure of Home key? Thus, you can’t jailbreak your iPhone or other iOS device as you want? Fortunately, thanks to th......
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Google Play App Downloads Surpass App Store

Latest Updated on September 16, 2013By Admin
As known to all, App Store and Google Play are the two leading app downloader for smartphones. Usually App Store is thought to be more influential and popular as iOS device users are mor......
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Firefox Beta for Android is Publicly Available

Latest Updated on September 9, 2013By Admin
You may not be unfamiliar with Mozilla recently. It attracts much attention from this early month with its releasing new logo, first Firefox OS mobile phone and Firefox 23 publicly on li......
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Android Device Manager Helps Find your Phone

Latest Updated on September 2, 2013By Admin
Losing your Android smartphone accidently? This may be a disaster for someone especially when something important is saved on the phone and you don’t want others to get them. Well, don’t......
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Something you should Know About Android

Latest Updated on August 26, 2013By Admin
1. What is Android? Android is a Linux-based operating system designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android was officially unveiled in Nov. 5, 2007 by Goog......
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How to Uninstall Apps on Samsung Galaxy S4

Latest Updated on August 21, 2013By Admin
Samsung Galaxy S4 has been officially released to the public and attracted many Android lovers. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S4 owner, you can install whatever app you like on your device.......
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How to Deal with Android Brush Failure Problem

Latest Updated on August 12, 2013By Admin
Many Android smartphone users prefer to brush their Android phones by themselves. It’s more convenient and totally for free. In the previous passage, we have introduced how to brush Andro......
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How to Clean up and Release Android Memory

Latest Updated on August 6, 2013By Admin
In the previous passage, we have talked about how to change the default install path of Android and move apps to SD card to save storage space. Though Android 2.2 has the function of Apps......
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How to Clear up Caches on iPhone 5

Latest Updated on August 5, 2013By Admin
Phone users are often annoyed by the caches stored on the devices as they occupy a large storage space. If you don’t clear them up, they cumulate as time passes that your iOS device......
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LG Nexus 4: The Best Nexus Phone for its Time

Latest Updated on July 29, 2013By Admin
The Google Nexus phone, being highly-regarded as they help Google guide its hardware partners and introduce new versions of Android, has launched its fourth generation Nexus phone: LG Nex......
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