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Excel in Android Development: 3 Best Online Courses

Latest Updated on April 9, 2021By
e days, there are so many reasons to become a developer. It is a unique job opportunity that brings together creativity, technology, and business, and it also pays well. No wonder why so m......
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5 Android Data Recovery Options To Protect Your Digital Assets

Latest Updated on July 27, 2020By
are several essential data recovery options to protect your valuable Android digital assets. More digital tech consumers are storing valuable, sensitive information on their Android device......
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How to Restore a Bitcoin Wallet on an Android Smartphone

Latest Updated on December 9, 2019By
are many reasons to join the crypto revolution and adopt decentralised payments. The speed of transactions and cheaper payment costs are just two of the biggest. Yet, many people have not ......
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5 Ways Technology is Improving Education and Learning for Students

Latest Updated on October 30, 2019By
logy has revolutionized the traditional methods of imparting education and student learning methods. Today, educational technology is increasingly being incorporated in classrooms like int......
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A Guide For the Security of Your Mobile Devices

Latest Updated on March 6, 2019By
s have been an unfortunate part of computer technology for about as long as computers have been around. There’s been a lot of discussion concerning whether our mobile devices can be affect......
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How To Maximise Your Android Device For Entertainment

Latest Updated on March 1, 2019By Likaiyong
d based devices are the most popular on the smartphone market by far, with many people liking the fact they are great for entertainment. Whether it's listening to the freshest music from S......
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Tips for Developers – How to Secure Mobile Games

Latest Updated on June 1, 2016By
As a mobile game developer, you will put in a lot of work into the success of your productions. It is therefore disappointing when all or some of your hard work is wasted due to a securit......
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Can I Sign in to Skype for Android with Facebook Account

Latest Updated on February 10, 2016By
"Hi, there! I’ve opened a Skype account in my computer with my Facebook account. But when I try to login into my account on my Samsung Galaxy S6, there is no option to login with Facebook......
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How to Find Forgotten Password to My Skype Account on Android

Latest Updated on February 9, 2016By
More often than not, we tend to forget some of the passwords that we created ourselves. Usually this happens with online accounts that require a username and password. Log into Skype acco......
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Voice Messages & Call Forwarding: Never Miss a Skype Call from Your Android Phone

Latest Updated on February 7, 2016By
Hundreds and millions of users over the world know about using Skype for its instant messaging, video chat and Skype calls. But that isn’t the end of what you could be doing with Skype. O......
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