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Cortana – What To Expect From Microsoft’s Virtual Personal Assistant

Latest Updated on October 8, 2015By Admin
Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system, comes with its very own virtual personal assistant. Cortana, named after and inspired by an artificial intelligence in the Halo vide......
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New iPhone 7 Rumors: What to Expect?

Latest Updated on October 7, 2015By Admin
Now that the new iPhone 6s has officially been released, everyone is wondering what to expect from Apple’s next premier smartphone. Based on their regular release schedule, the new ......
Mobile News

7 Ideas on How to Use Apps for Conferences and Events

Latest Updated on October 7, 2015By Admin
The concept of using mobile apps at conferences and events is not just a seed of an idea anymore. It has flourished beyond belief, and any business that has not yet adapted to this growin......
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iPhone – A Helpful Companion to My Daily and Work Life

Latest Updated on October 7, 2015By Admin
iPhone 4s is the first iOS device I owned. What firstly pushed me to buy iPhone is its fabulous appearance, but after I used it for a period, I found it’s more than a smartphone, but a go......
Apple Tips

USB OTG: Make your Android Life Easier

Latest Updated on October 6, 2015By Admin
USB OTG, the abbreviation of USB On-The-Go, establishes a communication link between a host device and a client device. USB OTG has two ends. One is a micro-port while another is full-siz......
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How to Get Extra Storage on Android with OTG

Latest Updated on October 4, 2015By Admin
Android phone gets out of space? Want to view some photos of the vocation? Want to play music and movies stored elsewhere? You can relieve your phone for more free space. But what if stuf......
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How to Connect Mouse/Keyboard to Android Device

Latest Updated on October 3, 2015By Admin
Android game lovers love playing games on their Android phone and tablets with touch screen built in. And it is quite convenient to download games from Play Store. However, without a mous......
Android Solution

How to Import Pictures from Digital Camera to Android

Latest Updated on October 2, 2015By Admin
I have a Cannon digital camera. It does NOT have Bluetooth capability. It has a normal SD (not micro) memory card and a mini USB plug. I want to take my Galaxy Tab S tablet and my camera ......
Android Solution

How to Transfer Data between Android via USB OTG

Latest Updated on October 1, 2015By Admin
When it comes to Android data transfer, many will choose the commonly used way, Bluetooth, NFC, USB cable and PC for example. Nonetheless, when using these methods, connection issues alwa......
Android Solution

How to Fully Use Notes in iOS 9

Latest Updated on September 30, 2015By Admin
No matter you are about to throw a party, organize a school activity, or prepare for an annual conference, it’s quite important to make sure everything goes off without a hitch by k......
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