4 New Members of LG X Family: X Power/X Mach/X Style/X Max

By Manager On August 8, 2016
With LG X screen released in March, 2016 and LG X cam released in June, LG is launching a total of four new mid-range smartphones, of which they respectively are LG X Power, LG X Mach LG ......
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4 Things a Google Phone Could Mean

By Manager On July 28, 2016
Google may make announcement of its house-branded phone – Google Phone. We have qualm over this new product. For example, will it be able to rival iPhone which targets the high-end market......
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Exclusive: Samsung Note 7 Renders

By Manager On July 27, 2016
The blueprint-based renders shows that Galaxy Note 7 would be equipped with dual-edge display, which is coincident with the previous rumor. And Galaxy Note 7 would come with only one vers......
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Unicode 9.0 Brings New Emoji to iOS Device

By Manager On July 19, 2016
Unicode 9.0 has come to us, bringing exactly 7,500 characters, for a total of 7,500 new characters to iPhone which runs on iOS 10. These additions include six new scripts and 72 new emoji......
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Google Builds Its Own Brand – Nexus, but the Android Camp Says “No”

By Manager On July 13, 2016
It is reported that Google, who owns Android system, is going to release its own mobile phone brand with mobile operator. It means Google is aggravating the competition with mobile indust......
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iOS 10 Express Yourself in Bold New Ways in Messages

By Manager On July 6, 2016
While the Messages in iPhone and other smartphone remained a stagnant platform to exchange static words and photos, other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat have revamped the way c......
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MacOS Sierra: Next Generation Mac OS Coming This Fall

By Admin On June 24, 2016
The release of macOS Sierra, the next generation Mac operating system, fell on WWDC 2016. On that day, Apple unveiled the daring idea that changing the OS X name to people so as to bring ......
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iOS 10 Release Date and Feature Rumors

By Manager On June 15, 2016
Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC, is approaching on June 13, 2016. At the conference, the company may announce the iOS 10 release. After that, the company will release the p......
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WWDC 2016 Keynote: Everything Apple Announced

By Manager On June 15, 2016
At WWDC 2016, Apple made lots of announcements. Among all of them, iOS is the biggest release, which comes with incredible features in Messengers and a brand-new design for Maps, Photos a......
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Let’s Explore the New Features in Android N

By Manager On June 8, 2016
Back to March, Google gave us a sneak peek at Android N. And Google announced at I/O conference that the final version of this upcoming mobile operating system would be available this sum......
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