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Send Group Messages & Start Group Meetings with Zoom

Latest Updated on January 27, 2016By Manager
Nowadays, Internet becomes one of the main platforms for us to communicate and collaborate in business. But of course, except for the help of Internet, it’s important to have the right to......
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A New Generation of iPhone in First Half of 2016: 6c or 5e

Latest Updated on January 25, 2016By Manager
So far we’ve heard so much about the 4-inch iPhone that Apple is planning to release in the first half of 2016. According to the early rumors, the new generation of iPhone will be release......
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New Features Updated in Google Map for Android Users

Latest Updated on January 22, 2016By Manager
Google Maps Version 9.19 is about to bring a host of pretty awesome new features which will definitely enhance your Google Maps experience. Although the update is set to be released only ......
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How to Record Meeting Video/Audio with Zoom

Latest Updated on January 20, 2016By Manager
How many of you are using Web conferencing applications like Zoom to connect groups for interactive meetings? It’s really a great tool for video conference, group chats and business colla......
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How to Make Zoom Video/Audio Conference

Latest Updated on January 18, 2016By Manager
Zoom Cloud Meeting for Android is a cloud based service that provides flexible solutions for all your meeting needs. The good thing about Zoom is that the attendees are not required to ha......
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How to Set Up Zoom on Android

Latest Updated on January 14, 2016By Manager
Like I said before, Zoom is a much better choice for hosting a video conference especially when you’re working with remote colleagues or coordinating with clients. It’s reliable and easy ......
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Zoom:Join A Video Conference on Android Phones

Latest Updated on January 13, 2016By Manager
What service do you use for video-chatting? With chat services like Skype, Hangsout or Viber, making video chat and video call on Android becomes easy. So it’s not exaggerating to say we ......
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Lumia 650 Exposed to Support Wireless Charging

Latest Updated on January 11, 2016By Manager
Microsoft has already confirmed that the Win10 Mobile Lumia 650 is the next Lumia to be launch. And a wide range of leaked details of Lumia 650 suggested that the device is code-named as ......
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4-inch iPhone 7c May Be Mass Produced Later This Month

Latest Updated on January 8, 2016By Manager
Yes, yes, we’re talking about the iPhone 7 already despite the fact that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are only a couple of months old. According to the latest reports, Apple will be e......
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HTC One X9 is Official Announced

Latest Updated on December 31, 2015By Manager
HTC has officially unveiled the HTC One X9 after weeks of leaks, rumors, or teasers. As the latest HTC’s One series of phone, the X9’s specifications are slightly better than what was pre......
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