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Can I Sign in to Skype for Android with Facebook Account

Latest Updated on February 10, 2016By Manager
“Hi, there! I’ve opened a Skype account in my computer with my Facebook account. But when I try to login into my account on my Samsung Galaxy S6, there is no option to login with Fa......
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How to Find Forgotten Password to My Skype Account on Android

Latest Updated on February 9, 2016By Manager
More often than not, we tend to forget some of the passwords that we created ourselves. Usually this happens with online accounts that require a username and password. Log into Skype acco......
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Voice Messages & Call Forwarding: Never Miss a Skype Call from Your Android Phone

Latest Updated on February 7, 2016By Manager
Hundreds and millions of users over the world know about using Skype for its instant messaging, video chat and Skype calls. But that isn’t the end of what you could be doing with Skype. O......
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Why I Cannot Sign in to Skype on My Android

Latest Updated on February 7, 2016By Manager
Skype works so well on my Android and I’ve already taken it as one of the most wonderful instant messaging apps in the market. But lately I am having troubles with signing into Skype on A......
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How to Hide Online Skype Status on Android

Latest Updated on February 4, 2016By Manager
Normally, when you are online in Skype, others will take it for granted that you are online and available to chat. But sometimes it’ll be obligated to reply to every message even when you......
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Skype for Android: Chat and Call Anytime, Anywhere for Free

Latest Updated on February 1, 2016By Manager
As I finally have a chance to spend my weekend here in a small town from Australia, it feels real good to relax from the hustle and bustle of the busy life in the city. And I can’t wait a......
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How to Enable Screen Sharing on Mobile Devices with Zoom

Latest Updated on January 28, 2016By Manager
Finally, here comes the last user guide for Zoom. Previously, we’ve discussed almost every important aspect you need to know about Zoom from how to set up Zoom on Android to how to record......
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Send Group Messages & Start Group Meetings with Zoom

Latest Updated on January 27, 2016By Manager
Nowadays, Internet becomes one of the main platforms for us to communicate and collaborate in business. But of course, except for the help of Internet, it’s important to have the right to......
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A New Generation of iPhone in First Half of 2016: 6c or 5e

Latest Updated on January 25, 2016By Manager
So far we’ve heard so much about the 4-inch iPhone that Apple is planning to release in the first half of 2016. According to the early rumors, the new generation of iPhone will be release......
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New Features Updated in Google Map for Android Users

Latest Updated on January 22, 2016By Manager
Google Maps Version 9.19 is about to bring a host of pretty awesome new features which will definitely enhance your Google Maps experience. Although the update is set to be released only ......
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