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How to Sync Pictures from iTunes 12 to iPhone

Latest Updated on April 15, 2015By Admin
“52.3% of the iOS users are running iTunes, of which 90.5% are confused and dazed….” iTunes 12 is redesigned. But to some extend, the innovation trails it. A big chunk o......
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iTunes 11 V.S. iTunes 12: Does iTunes 12 Deliver Performance Improvement

Latest Updated on April 8, 2015By Admin
Have you upgrade iTunes 11 to iTunes 12 since the latest version release? iTunes 12 has been redesigned. Nevertheless, do you really know spotlights of the new version? Get a quick tour o......
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Three Tips for iTunes 12

Latest Updated on March 27, 2015By Admin
Boasts a clean and streamlined design. Supports family sharing. Redesigns info window….Yes, iTunes 12 has advanced and more new functions are integrated into it. Have you been makin......
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Why Can’t I Use my Old iPhone Accessories with my New iPhone

Latest Updated on March 20, 2015By Admin
What is a Lightning Charger? Apple announced the move to the Lightning charger alongside the release of the iPhone 5 after 9 years with the outdated 30-pin connection point as the brand’s......
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MWC 2015: Samsung S6, Samsung S6 Edge & HTC M9 Release

Latest Updated on March 13, 2015By Admin
nual MWC on March has highly-pitched presented trendy mobile models to digital fanatics. Samsung S6, Samsung S6 Edge, and HTC M9 completely catches people’s eyes, which will be put i......
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Samsung S6, Samsung S6 Edge V.S. iPhone 6: Which One Will Be Your Choice?

Latest Updated on March 13, 2015By Admin
d by all kinds of mobile phones in the market since various models emerge? Have no idea to make a choice? We are going to make a detailed analysis and comparison of some popular models for......
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What Do You Do When Your Phone Won’t Charge

Latest Updated on February 15, 2015By Admin
your phone stops taking a charge (which is, unsurprisingly the most common complaint among numbers of Android phone owners), it may be time for a new battery. Actually, there are a number o......
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What File Types are Supported by your Mobile OS?

Latest Updated on February 12, 2015By Admin
Mobile phone software that installed on phones can improve and personalize the original system. With the development of science and technology, functions of phones are more and more powe......
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Is your Device on the Android 5.0 Lollipop Upgrade List?

Latest Updated on February 3, 2015By Admin
’s next-generation mobile operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop, is roaming out and about with its visual overhaul and numerous under-the-hood improvements since it’s released. So if you ......
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Microsoft Released Office for Android Tablets

Latest Updated on January 30, 2015By Admin
After a few weeks of trying the preview versions of Microsoft Office for Android tablets, we are finally able to download the finished versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Google Pl......
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