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Which Device is Better in Photography?

Latest Updated on November 15, 2016By Editor
As the rapid development of mobile photography technology, Android and iOS camera has gradually replaced the traditional digital camera and become the best choice for photography. It is e......
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Tips To Get The Best Deals On Phones This Black Friday

Latest Updated on November 11, 2016By Manager
Black Friday is the next day of Thanksgiving. It is a US holiday which marks the beginning of Christmas shopping. Retail as well as online stores across the US and the UK get laden with l......
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Google’s Policies Hold Back the Growth of Android Industry or Not

Latest Updated on November 4, 2016By Manager
When it comes to mobile games, the web browser is not the first thing you might consider to find your preferred ones. Instead, you head over to your chosen provider’s app marketplac......
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Use One-Click Root to Get Phone Rooted

Latest Updated on November 2, 2016By Editor
Rooting Android is equivalent of jailbreaking your device, making it more open and grant more permissions to the user. You can also deem it to be a process of unlocking the Android system......
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OPPO R9s is Committed to Camera Improvement

Latest Updated on October 25, 2016By Admin
as officially announced the release of OPPO R9s, saying that the improvements included but not limited to the beautifying feature at version 4.0. And they would continue to enhance the dev......
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Moto Z Play:A Great Modular Android Phone

Latest Updated on October 17, 2016By Editor
The golden time of Motorola has gone because of the acquisition of the company successively by Google and then Lenovo. Now, Lenovo has been trying its best effort to improve Moto smartpho......
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What’s New About Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Latest Updated on October 4, 2016By Editor
Google will release Google Pixel/Pixel XL on October 4, 2016. Now, let us see what’s new about Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. It has been a phenomenon that a soaring number of An......
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Tips on iOS 10 Update Avoiding Bricking Your Device

Latest Updated on September 27, 2016By Editor
Apple released iOS 10 to users on September 14th, 2016. This should have been a piece of good news for Apple fans. Nevertheless, Apple’s iOS 10 update caused major headaches for som......
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Begin Your Trips with Google Now

Latest Updated on September 21, 2016By Editor
r smartphone, iPhone 7/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, and more included, smart enough? My answer is NO as I have to open the browser, enter the keyword and browse dozens of pages when ......
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Key Features of Apple’s iPhone 7

Latest Updated on September 14, 2016By Manager
7 was launched at an Apple event in San Francisco. People pay highly attention to the features that the new iPhone 7 has. You may have seen a large number of speculations leaked from the ......
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