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How to Set Complex Screen Passcode to iPhone

Latest Updated on September 14, 2015By Admin
As an iPhone, iPad or iPod user, you may be familiar to unlock your iDevice with simple passcode in 4 digital numbers or with Touch ID. Some complain that the Touch ID is sometimes unreco......
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iPhone Transfer: A Useful Data Manager Tool Replaced iTunes

Latest Updated on September 9, 2015By Admin
Even though iTunes acts like glue of Apple’s software universe, we now and then hear Apple users’ complain about its start up at low speed, complex for newbie, unable to conne......
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How to Re-download Purchased Items from iTunes

Latest Updated on September 8, 2015By Admin
Thing like this may happen to you: you accidentally deleted a favorite music album that purchased from iTunes, and wonder whether you can re-download it without paying for it the second t......
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Hidden Features on iMessage that You Should Know

Latest Updated on September 7, 2015By Admin
iMessage, a service comes with Messages on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, is free for you not only to text simple messages (SMS), but share photos, videos, locations, and contacts over Wi-......
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How to Convert CSV Contacts to XLSX

Latest Updated on September 7, 2015By Admin
CSV files are usually used to save contacts exported from email. We can save it as XLS and edit them as you wish. Some of you may find that in some CSV files, contacts are listed in rows ......
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New Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Latest Updated on September 7, 2015By Admin
Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is also called Android M, was first put onto the stage on May 28th, 2015. It is a nice Android operating system which upgrades a lot compare with Android Lol......
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Excellent Apps for Photo-taking on iPhone

Latest Updated on September 6, 2015By Admin
iPhone has evolved to be a fantastic and most widely used camera in the world. If you are using only the native camera app on your iPhone, you may be not able to shoot a picture with your......
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Tricks & Tips for Typing on iPhone

Latest Updated on September 5, 2015By Admin
iPhone, as one of the most brilliant smartphones on the planet, there are lot of hidden tricks on the built-in keyboard. No matter how comfortable you are with typing on your iPhone 6, iP......
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How to Disable Photos & Videos Auto-Saved from WhatsApp

Latest Updated on September 3, 2015By Admin
If you are a heavy WhatsApp user and both you and your friends like sharing photos and videos through WhatsApp. You may have noticed that all media files received from your chat contacts ......
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How to Reset Apple ID Password

Latest Updated on September 3, 2015By Admin
For Apple users, Apple ID is the most important thing no matter you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac. With the Apple ID, you can download apps from Apps Store, purchase videos and musi......
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