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iPhone 6 Order is handled: Will Have iPhone 6 in hand after September 19th

Latest Updated on September 17, 2014By Admin
There are many iPhone 6 users focus on iPhone 6 rumors even before iPhone 6 release. And, after iPhone 6 release, they also keep an eye on the news about when he will have iPhone 6 in han......
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How to Clear Android Data for Personal Privacy Protection

Latest Updated on August 18, 2014By Admin
In today’s intelligent information worlds, it is likely that there are many personal private data that you should key into your Android, for example, the email address and the passwords o......
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How to Back Up iPhone Data

Latest Updated on July 25, 2014By Admin
Backing up your iPhone regularly can save you a lot of trouble if your iDevice get lost. Suppose one has lost his iPhone, he can easily find it or restore the data in a new phone. Besides......
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Updated iPhone 5s Failing to Reboot

Latest Updated on July 8, 2014By Admin
For many reasons, iPhone are easily fail to reboot due to the update failures. The reasons will be updating jailbreaking iPhone or unplugging the USB cable is unintentionally. The solutio......
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How to Backup Contacts on iPhone 5s

Latest Updated on June 11, 2014By Admin
To avoid our precious data especially the contacts from being deleted unintentionally, we’d better backup our iPhone 5s contacts regularly. Today, I will show you two different ways to ba......
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Google was Rumored to Adopt Voice Control

Latest Updated on May 28, 2014By Admin
Microsoft has pushed Cortana, the voice assistant and Apple has pushed Siri in 2011. And Android becomes the only one of the three biggest mobile Oss that hasn’t have a voice assistant so......
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Samsung Will Release Tizen Phone Next Month Aimed at Emerging Market

Latest Updated on May 7, 2014By Admin
According to the Samsung Official, the first Tizen phone will be released in Russia. Though the plan of releasing Samsung Tizen phone has been postponed for couple of times, Samsung Compa......
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WhatsApp to Add Voice Call for iOS and Android

Latest Updated on April 8, 2014By Admin
WhatsApp will add free voice-call services for iOS and Android the 2nd season of this year just after Facebook acquisition for $19 billion. It is reported that voice service will also be......
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Mobile Phone SD Card Fail to Be Formatted

Latest Updated on March 30, 2014By Admin
With the popularity of Android smart mobile phone and price cut of memory chips, SD (Secure Digital) cards are used widely. But the science and technology product yield is in proportion t......
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If you Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy Note as Lebron James, How to Retrieve them Back?

Latest Updated on March 15, 2014By Admin
If you have added Lebron James, the highly paid spokesman of Samsung, the famous basketball superstar as well on your Twitter, you may notice that Lebron James has tweeted out this infor......
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